John Edwards, Mug Shot

Say cheese. As in super cheesy.

Just in time to show the upstart political scandalmongers who's boss (nice try, though, Anthony Weiner) the mug shot of O.G. Democratic disgrace John Edwards has been released, and it's exactly the kind of smarmfest we've come to expect from indicted politicos such as his not-so-fine self.

For those playing along at home, this particular close-up comes to us as a result of Edwards' charges of conspiracy, illegal campaign contributions (he racked up four of those) and one count of false statements for allegedly using $1 million of campaign funds to cover up news of his mistress and love child. Which, by our count, makes

Now someone call the Fashion Police, cause bitch just stole the Cheshire Cat's look. (Remorse. You're doing it wrong.)

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