LeAnn Rimes

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We have a feeling that limelight-lovin' LeAnn Rimes will be eating up this latest hot goss instead of, ya know, a hamburger or something.

Days after the controversial country singer turned tabloid temptress took to Twitter and loudly bitched about barely there rumors of a sex tape, photos have emerged of a less skeletal LeAnn prancing around in her undies.

Sound familiar?

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It ain't déjà vu. It just harkens back to another blondie in denial (cough, Blake Lively).

But as much as we hate to admit it, LeAnn was kinda right. This ain't sex tape material. It's not even as raunchy as B's rumored nudie pics, which, according to Miss Lively, look exactly like her but totally aren't her.

L.R.'s tape is more like...um, a Hanes commercial?

Even L's ex-hubby, Dean Sheremet (aka the owner of the abs in the background of the photos), sounded underwhelmed when the minimally anticipated leak hit the World Wide Web. Dean took to Twitter to air his dissatisfaction, saying, "I need a sex tape mulligan, as the alleged one is not very sexy at all..."

We agree, D. Where's the dirty deed you claim you probably did?

Well, LeAnn doesn't just claim; she shouts denials from the rooftops, but that is so nothing new. She's getting damn good at keeping her buzz alive by provoking people and then totally taking it back. You know, like tweeting her skinniest pics and then denying she's way too thin.

Now don't deny that, L, 'cause it'll just add to your track record.

So as stick-thin LeAnn prances around Playboy parties with her secret affair turned hubby and fuels her controversial fire via angry tweets, let's all take a moment to remember LeAnn Rimes, the virginal country singer.

Yeah, forgot about her, didn't you?

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