Crystal Harris, Playboy Cover


You break off your wedding five days before you're set to tie the knot with the supposed man of your dreams and what do you do? Uh, drown your sorrows in a publicity-blitz media tour, obviously.

Crystal Harris, who just yesterday got her jilting on and confirmed that she had called off her wedding to Hugh Hefner with less than a week to go before her big day, chatted with our own Ryan Seacrest just this morning, reiterating that their decision to call it quits was a mutual one, tackling rumors that there was a third party involved in their split (hi, Dr. Phil's son!) and weighing in on whether the perpetual bachelor will ever make it down the aisle.

"I called it off because I didn't think it was the right thing for me to do," Harris told Seacrest this morning. "It was mutual between Hef and I, there was no fight, we sat down and we talked about it."

According to Harris, while it may appear to be a sudden decision, the question mark had been hanging over her for quite some time.

"For a while I've been having second thoughts about everything. I haven't really been at peace with myself lately. I didn't think it was really fair to him…They were gonna air a show on it. It was al happening too fast for me."

And she says that when she broke the news to Hef about not making good on that whole "til death do us part" thing, she said, "He understood. We both agreed that it wasn't the best idea to get married."

According to Crystal, for Hef, at least, that ship has sailed. When asked by Ryan if she thought Hef would ever make it down the aisle, she replied swiftly.

"No, he said he was just doing this wedding for me, he thought that's what I wanted. We're both relieved.

"I just feel that I owed it to Hef and everyone there to do the right thing and move on," she said. So how's her jilted ex fiancé handling this whole thing?

"Hef's doing great," she said. If nothing else, he certainly appears to have kept his sense of humor about himself, tweeting out that instead of getting married this Saturday, he'll instead be watching the film Runaway Bride.

"He's OK," she went on. "Hef's lifestyle isn't the most normal lifestyle…That's the thing, this isn't the lifestyle for me, the multiple girls all around, it's not the lifestyle I wanted."

Not that she's in a rush to move on just yet. During her chat with Ryan, Crystal also addressed those persistent rumors (dating back to March of this year) that she's somehow romantically linked with Dr. Phil's son Jordan.

"No, I'm not seeing someone else. Of course I have friends, I have plenty of friends in the music business, so you know, that's normal."

So what's next for Crystal?  Well, in a curiously well-timed bit of good luck, her debut single, "Club Queen," was released on iTunes just this week.

"I sing and I write, I've been writing songs and I've just been having so much fun with it all," she said.

Of course, in a curiously ill-timed bit of bad luck, she's also the July cover model of Playboy, posing in a pictorial as a bride, where she's credited as "Crystal Hefner."

"It's a beautiful cover and it went to print awhile ago, so I hope that people can enjoy it," she said. Timing is everything.

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