Here's an exclusive story that is not hard for me to break ... because it's about me: I am writing a novel!

Yes, I'm psyched to share the news that I'm hard at work on a book that—if you are a fan of E! News, E! Online or basically anything E!—you will definitely be interested in.

The book is titled "Fangirl" and tells the story of a normal teenage girl who gets thrust into a tabloid-ready romance with the world's biggest pop star. Yeah, pretty juicy stuff. Since the Young Adult novel is not set for release until Fall of 2012, I have been sworn to secrecy on revealing too many details of the love story. But, safe to say, spending much of my time in recent years covering teen superstars has served as inspiring research.

Here's the press release about the upcoming publication of "Fangirl":

E! Chief News Correspondent Ken Baker has signed a deal with the publisher Running Press to write "Fangirl", Baker's debut YA novel, a fast-paced modern love story about a young pop star, his most ardent fan, and their unlikely meeting—and even unlikelier romance. The book is set for publication in the Fall of 2012.

Baker is considered one of Hollywood's leading experts in celebrity and pop music, especially in the teen genre, having interviewed and reported extensively on such celebrities as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers and other major stars.

Baker is also the author of "They Don't Play Hockey in Heaven" and "Man Made", which is currently being developed into a feature film.

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