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Dear Ted:
Though I am a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio's acting ability, I've noticed so many people are a bit quick to write off Blake Lively's talent, which does exist and was proven in her small but noteworthy role in The Town (she really owned it). How long do you think this pairing will last? Because if Leo's last gal (Bar) is any indication, he seems to like his women as pretty arm candy without too much talent—might be competition for him. Am I being too harsh here or is there some validity in this suspicion?

Dear Rising Star:
Beg to differ, babe. I think when Blake takes herself too seriously—à la her not-quite-Bostonian accent in that par-tick Ben Affleck flick—her acting is not noteworthy in a good way. Not to say she isn't talented, though. She's just taking the wrong roles. Her best work to date is playing the role of a B-list actress that doesn't absolutely love the attention she's getting from dating the hottie from Titanic. But enough of this wannabe incognito crap already, B!

Dear Ted:
Can we have more hints on the identity of Greta Gatsby and Taller Baller? I think it is Shakira and Gerard Pique. Am I right/hot/cold? If it is not this couple, can you at least heal my ego and tell me if they have been a Blind Vice?

Dear Piqued Interest:
You're warmish, but not quite on the money. Taller is more known state-side than Gerard, at least by name. Which is funny 'cause Greta isn't as talented as Shakira, at least in my opinion.

Dear Ted:
Well, I complained about your Real Housewives edition of Ditch, Do or Marry, but you have completely redeemed yourself with the new choices. I am a total chuckle f--ker! Nothing is hotter than a funny guy. I would ditch Jason Sudeikis (no offense to him, I just didn't know who he was until the MTV awards), do Andy Samberg (because nothing is hotter than a funny guy who can sing) and marry Jason Segel (because he just seems like he'd be fun to cuddle up and watch movies with). Thanks for the awesome choices!

Dear Funny Girl:
Glad you liked it, Jackie! Total tough choice, right? Our resident jokester-loving lady (Aly Weisman) almost had a heart attack when she was forced to pick. She went with Andy though, go figure!

Dear Ted:
I just saw the trailer for the movie Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. I felt awkward just watching the two of them interact onscreen. I know they broke up a while ago, but didn't it end badly? Any gossip about how they got along on set? And did they have any kind of cordial relationship before the movie started filming? It's just strange to see two celebrities who went through such a high profile breakup star in a movie together.

Dear Ex-Factor:
Some of the best comedy comes from totally awkward situations, doesn't it? But don't worry that things were bad behind the scenes, J.T. has a way of making his ex-GFs feel comfy, at least professional, post-split. Plus, the extra-large paycheck didn't hurt.

Dear Ted:
Why do Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher always look bored when they're on a red carpet together? Are they giving us signals that they're almost done as a couple?

Dear Kutcher Konfidential:
These two have their issues, but they're not calling it quits. They may not be totally into the whole H'wood scene, but they wanna make their cougar-cub relaysh work if it kills ‘em. Which is kind of respectable, I guess.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned before that the X-Men set was dubbed as the Sex Men. And I read somewhere that, apparently, James McAvoy might be January Jones' baby daddy. I really hope this isn't true. Didn't his wife just give birth? What's your say?

Dear Paternity Test:
James, when it comes to January Jones's mystery fetus, you are not the father.

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