Is Dianna Agron the Only Gleek Showing Her Pride?

We wonder if the Glee cast is doing enough to support gay rights

By Team Truth Jun 14, 2011 12:45 AMTags
Dianna AgronWagner Az,

In case you aren't in the know, June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, and the parades have been poppin' up across the country to mark this très chic celebration—tho, we trust you already have your city's festivities penciled into your calendars.

And so we figured this would be a good week for Team Truth to totally get our gay on. You down?

What better way to kick things off than with "the gayest show ever!" Glee, of course. Just the other day, our fave Gleek Dianna Agron posted to her tumblr a must-read manifesto for gay rights. But is she the only one letting her rainbow flag fly?

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Before we get into it, know that we love all that Glee and its cast of hotties has done for the LGBT cause, ya know, like taking on bullying issues and teen romances and whatnot. We love when Blaine serenades Kurt with some Top 40 jam just as much as the next gay, boobtube obsessee.

And that is why we were absolutely tickled when we read Di's blog about her stance on gay rights, lovin' each other, and showing her pride. We love a girl who isn't afraid to get her gay rumor on—and actually embrace it instead of throwing a big PR pity party like so many in-the-closet Vicers.

Seriously, read it.

But some of her castmates aren't exactly living up to her proud precedent—we're thinking of two in par-tick.

We'll also give major props to Naya Rivera, who hosted the GLAAD awards last month and, as a gal who doesn't go for the gals in real life, willingly puckered up and planted some on other ladies for a good cause.

But where is Lea Michele? And where is Chris Colfer?

When the series first hit the air, L.M. made it clear that she's totally for gay marriage and equal rights as all the heteros have, but hasn't made a big, homo splash anytime lately. We admire her animal rights work, but we know she's got enough diva power in her to handle to causes.

So why not, at least, put her pride into 140 characters and tweet it to her loyal minions? Or grab some glue, feathers and wood and build herself a float for one of the parades. Perhaps belt out some Barbra number during the festivities?

If not for us, then for your bestie Jonathan Groff.

And while we understand that Chris wants to keep his personal life personal, we don't think many people would think worse of him if he'd address the issue head-on. C.C. has been wishy-washy, at best, when it comes to talking about his life as a gay man and doesn't help matters with BS answers to Q's about gay rights issues.

The straight gals can't be the only ones living out and proud. Take the lead, Lea and Chris, and then urge the straight studs on the show to follow suit. We wouldn't mind seeing them swap spit to celebrate!