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Dear Ted:
Why is it that the second Rob and Kristen are in separate cities, people (specifically, tabloids and certain posters who hang out in the comment section of this site) start freaking out about a breakup? One second they're planning a voodoo wedding and hiding 6 children, the next, they're broken up and/or cheating on each other with everyone they've ever worked with. What do you have to say to all of this BS?

Dear Rational Robsten Fan:
News flash: Kristen is allowed to have buds who are boys. The latest goss on K.Stew is about her and her On the Road costar—that's right, costar, dolls. Garrett and K. supposedly "hung out at the Roxy" (tho, they really didn't) and suddenly everyone says they're totally getting it on while R.Pattz is exiled in Canada. Puhleaz! Why can't all the Robstenatics be as confident in this relaysh as Rob and Kristen are? Trust, Rob isn't sweating it.

Dear Ted:
I don't know why but Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling popped into my head after reading the Sally and Percy B.V. I can't imagine Rachel would allow others around her to influence such a major decision. Please tell me I'm wrong!

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Dear Notebook Notice:
Don't worry your little head, babe, cause you are indeed wrong. Rach and Ry ended on far better terms than poor Sally and Percy did—maybe that's cause Rachel is far more in tune with the ways of T-town.

Dear Ted:
I was hoping you could shed some light on The Hunger Games movie that is coming out. The book is fab but I can see them wanting to appeal to the tween audience. I just cannot see how they can stay true to the books and still pander to the PG-13 crowd. To be honest there is award worthy material in the books that I think they will just toss out to make a cash cow franchise. Especially the graphic violence. What are your thoughts?
—Lee in DE

Dear Rated R:
There's no naughty sex, cussing or drugs—that's the stuff the ratings board goes loco about. The only teensy weensy problem is the blood and guts, ya know, the brutal deaths, the gross-out injuries, the murderous children—and we're sure they'll be able to handle it without going over the top. Of course we'd love them to go all out and rate it R, but we ain't stupid. Tweens rule the market. As long as violence is their only Vice, they should be able to pull it off—that's how H'wood works.

Dear Ted:
Does Cruella St. Shackles have any romantic interest in boys or girls? She marries for publicity purposes and her partners have had "relationships" on the side. Does she? I don't know why I find this so fascinating...humor me, please!

Dear Whips and Chains:
Cruella did the whole romance thing when she was young—before she ever even went under the knife, so like...forever ago—and it didn't exactly work out for her. Her relayshes now get her in the tabs and that is the most romantic thing anyone can do for Miss St. Shackles.

Dear Ted:
OK, Ted you have to help me. Glee gossip is needed. You've mentioned that the Glee cast is entitled and at times the wholesome good "kids" they pretend to be. I read a report today about the unkind conduct of Heather Morris, Kevin McHale, Darren Criss and Mark Salling at the latest tour concert. Are these four some or all of the troublemakers on set? And where do Naya Rivera and Lea Michele fit in?
—Rap Minx

Dear Spoilt Glee Kids
Lea is def the diva on set, but deservingly so. Naya isn't quite at the Queen Bee status but she's got a 'tude that is far from tamed. As for the rest of 'em, they've all had their moments but chalk it up to an off night, if the rumors are true. These guys and gals are usually the mellow ones.

Dear Ted:
Ted, is Skeletor making up her own rumors now? Caught this story and laughed myself silly. I haven't seen anything regarding a sex tape until she started denying there was one...Is she above nothing to keep herself in the headlines? Cheers!
—Iowa City Jen (soon to be Chicago)

Dear All in Her Head:
After some intense investigation, we've found that Leann hasn't sunk that low...yet—the rumors were actually out there (which, ya know, she loved). Doesn't discount the fact Skeletor still grabbed the story and made it a bajillion times bigger. Or the fact that her ex basically said it's probably true. Just sayin'.

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