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When Jessica Biel is away, her latest rumored dude will play.

Gerard Butler hit up the ESPN Zone at L.A. Live last night without the brunette babe who's been revvin' his (motorcycle) engine lately. But don't worry, Ger was not lacking in attention from the ladies. While G.B. and his entourage were way into the basketball game, some of the less sports-obsessed gals were way into him.

So should Jess fret that things are over before they even begin?

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Nope! Gerard ditched his usual man-skank ways and had a few laughs.

A fellow sports fan spills that at one point in the night, a gal walked up and asked Gerard to take a pic; he told her it would cost a dollar. Well, lucky babe just happened to have a single on her and gave it to G.

So did he let her slip it into the G-string, too—or flaunt his non-existent 300 abs for the camera?

"He took it and then gave it back after they took a picture," our source dishes. "He actually insisted on taking a couple of pictures, including a close-up."

In fact, Gerard, who was offered a private box by the Zone staff but wanted to sit at a table with the rest of the crowd, was "super nice and friendly" to everyone around him—and Gerry is a good tipper, too.

Maybe this dude isn't as big of a dog as we thought he was. That would explain how he keeps bagging these eligible babes, right?

Across the country but also flying solo for the evening was...

Marc Anthony, who sang the national anthem for the NBA Finals in Miami and then scored a courtside seat. So why wasn't Jennifer Lopez shaking her booty with him like she did for his American Idol gig?

"He said that she was in London," a fellow attendee tells us. Apparently the wifey wasn't totally bailing out on her musical man though, as she talked to him before the game to calm his nerves and offer her support. She then called him right after he performed to congratulate him on a job well done.

So sweet! While he may be riding his better half's coattails back into to the limelight, at least Marc isn't trying to sell nudey footage of her...or something lovey-dovey like that.

But the significant-other award of the evening goes to...

Justin Bieber, who was also scheduled to be in attendance at the game, but ditched out at the last minute. Wonder if he swapped his courtside seat for the chance to bring his sickly beau Selena Gomez some chicken soup?

Well if he did, it must have worked 'cause S seems to be in good health this week.

Atta boy, Biebs!

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