Tia Mowry Gets Ready for Baby With Glam Hollywood Baby Shower!

The Game star's prenatal soiree held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood Saturday

By Brandi Fowler Jun 12, 2011 7:17 PMTags

Oh, baby!

Just a couple of weeks before their baby boy is scheduled to arrive, The Game star Tia Mowry and hubby Cory Hardrict celebrated the occasion with a big baby shower bash at the London Hotel in West Hollywood Saturday, along with Tamera Mowry and a few of Tia's co-stars in tow.

So what was Tia's favorite part of the celebration—and which gift was she most excited about?

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"My favorite part about the shower…I think seeing everybody—all my family, all my friends. I feel so loved," Tia told E! News. "They all showed up for a very important time and moment in my life. My husband made a little ‘guest appearance,' and it was cute how he came in the room and then everyone started applauding him and that was beautiful."

While guests noshed on Sweet E's cupcakes and cakes, Tia opened up a bevy of fab gifts, including a Bebe pod and a cookbook for babies and toddlers. She found one particular gift to be the most useful, however: a bassinet from Petit Tresor.

"I did not expect this at all, it's absolutely gorgeous, and I know that's what he'll be using first, because he'll be in my room and all that good stuff, so I can't wait to use that to put him to sleep!," Tia said.

Speaking of sleep, just how will Tia adjust to the sleepless nights to come?

While she'll be spending the next couple of weeks on bed rest catching up on Harry Potter flicks (she's a big Harry Potter fan), she hasn't quite figured out how to handle life with limited sleep just yet.

"Sleep is very precious to me," Tia went on. "I love to sleep. That is the one main thing that I'm very scared about, and what people don't know is that when you're breastfeeding and when you're pregnant, you can't take any stimulants. So you can't do coffee, you can't do 5-hour ENERGY drinks, so you're basically pulling your energy out of a hat! Someway, somehow."

In any event, whenever her little guy does arrive, Tia is ready for the delivery. Her overnight bag is already packed….which is a good thing, since she almost thought it was time last week.

"I was having contractions two days ago, and they got really scary," Tia said. "They were like—back-to-back. And I heard that when they come back-to-back, it's almost time, and I was like, 'Oh God!' I told Cory, 'We have got to pack this bag now!' When they were over, I went ahead and packed the bag. Everything is packed and ready to go."

While Tia divulged the sex of her baby a while back, she's keeping mum on what his name will be until she delivers (her due date is July 3). The actress did give us a hint, however: It starts with a "C" and means warrior.

To find out more about Tia's pregnancy (and Tamera's wedding planning), don't forget to tune in to the Style Network's Tia and Tamera Take 2 this summer.