Kelsey Grammer, Camille Grammer

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In the latest battle of the legal war between Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer, E! News has learned that Camille has asked her ex-hubby to not let one of his daughters, 27-year-old Spencer (from a previous marriage), use their Hawaii house, or any of the Grammer houses, without first obtaining Camille's written permission.

This all started when Kelsey agreed to let his daughter and her husband vacation there, but the Real Housewife reportedly wasn't exactly comfortable with her stepdaughter having access to stepmom's personal belongings...

"I am very concerned that Spencer will have access to my personal documents and papers and that these will get read by Spencer and/or turned over to [Kelsey] and his attorneys," Camille states in the declaration.

The reality star also says that she is going through a custody evaluation and does not want any of Kelsey's agents, like his daughter, to have access to her personal papers and belongings.

Besides, Kelsey did the same thing to her.

Camille states that on several occasions she asked to use their Hampton house, which Kelsey has kept exclusively since their split, but was denied because Kelsey and "his girlfriend [now wife] Kate were using the residence and that they did not feel comfortable that I would be using the house" with their belongings in the house.

And although she still owns half of that house, she agreed not to visit the Hampton's house.

When the Hampton's house was later sold, Camille states that Kelsey would not allow her or father to come over and get her stuff, including a BMW. Instead she says Kelsey "unilaterally decided to pack up my belongings and have them sent to me."

She says she has still not received the BMW.

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