Tracy Morgan

NBC Photo: Ali Goldstein

Dear Ted:
After the horrific homophobic rant from Tracy Morgan, I would like to know: Is the guy's behind-the-scenes attitude as awful as his acting? I love 30 Rock but I always tend to fast-forward when the guy is on-screen. Also, I have a quickie. Let's play Ditch, Do or Marry: Youngsters Edition! Who would you do, ditch or marry from the following: Wilby Whiskers, Parrish Maguire and Nevis Divine? Thanks!

Dear Rock 'n' A-Hole:
Tracy hasn't made his less-than-PC opinions a secret in the past so I wasn't too surprised when I heard about the latest crap he was spewing. Not funny, obviously, and just cause he issued some generic apology doesn't mean he's off the hook. Tina Fey has done a pretty good job keeping his 'tude out of the public eye, but one woman can only do so much. As for the BVs, well, I'd marry Nev, do Parr, and ditch Wilby. But that's an interesting selection for "youngsters," age-wise I mean.

Dear Ted:
I don't think I have seen Leonardo DiCaprio photographed this much before with his previous girlfriends. I am beginning to wonder if Blake Lively leaks more than just pictures, like say her location at all times to the media?

Dear Cameraphobe:
Let's just say Blake is no stranger to the paparazzi. She understands the power of the photog and knows that if she shows off her pearly whites at the side of her newest man candy, people may just stop talking about that other silly little scandal she's involved in.

Dear Ted:
Say it ain't so! I read that two major studios were fighting over the rights to remake the Twilight movies. Do you think that's really necessary? I mean, I guess if they change the script a little it would be alright. Just as long as they don't make it exactly the same. I'm a fan, but, I really do believe this is a franchise that doesn't need to be remake (like most Hollywood movies). People should let it rest when it's over.

Dear Twi-Hardly:
Don't get too worked up over this wacko rumor, the first run of the films hasn't even finished gracing the cinema. And while we joked about releasing a new spin on the series as a musical, I don't think you have to worry about New Moon menacing the multiplex again anytime soon (tho, maybe this time the Powers That Be could actually make it watchable). The vampire franchise is not dead though, not by a long shot.

Dear Ted:
I'm an avid reader, but this is the first time I've written in. Sad that it couldn't be with a happier story. As someone who found herself in a similar situation as Sally Pearlsmyth, and chose the same path, I can attest that it was an extremely painful process. Both emotionally AND physically. I am just really curious as to how she kept it secret from everyone on-set?
—Been There

Dear Pearls Before Sally:
It wasn't so much a secret from anyone on any of her sets—but more on that Monday. Still send my best to Sally and wish her well, hot career or not. And to you as well, babe.

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