Grey's Anatomy Star: "Season Eight Is a New Beginning"

At the Monte Carlo TV Fest, Doctor Pretty Eyes previews what's to come next fall at Seattle Grace Mercy West

By Lisa Abdolian Jun 10, 2011 11:21 PMTags
Jesse WilliamsPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images season eight the beginning of the end for Grey's Anatomy? Or is just the end of the beginning?

We just caught up with Grey's star Jesse Williams at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, and he tells us that it's much more likely to be the latter case on the hit ABC drama. Interesting, yes?

Now, what is in store for the good doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy next fall as the producers prepare for a possibly Mer-Der-less future? Here's what we can tell you, plus Jesse explains why "shower sex" is so prevalent on the series. (Hint: Shower sex is a dual-purpose activity!)

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Q&A With Grey's Anatomy Star Jesse Williams

We've heard a lot of rumors that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey may not renew their contracts and it may be the last year for the main characters of the show. Do you think that's true and do you think the show goes on without them?
I don't really know. I have been traveling quite a bit, and I don't know more than the questions I have been asked and I make it a habit of not talking about things I don't know anything about. I think the show is in good shape and I am really excited about season eight and I know we'll all be there.

What can you tell us about season eight? What will happen to your character? Can you tell us anything about what might happen?
I wish I knew more about season eight. To be honest I think that by the time I got on the show they learned to stop telling us anything because then we would tell you about it. But the reason I am excited about season eight is because season seven is really a transition from season six. Everybody was recovering and trying to figure out who they are and why they are and what relationships are really meaningful to them. Anyone who goes through a trauma together, their relationships become stronger and I think what was interesting about season seven finale is it is really character driven and about the characters redefining themselves—learning about who they are and casting things aside they don't need. Season eight, I think, is a new beginning. I think it's almost like the beginning of a new series in some ways. We've all been through something together, we had some troubles and now it's time to start fresh and I think you'll see a lot of new relationships and you'll have new characters interacting with new characters. There are maybe what, 12 of us regulars on the show? And we tend to group together in different sorts of formations and I think that's going to scramble up a bit.

There's a lot of competition among the surgeons on the show, is there any competition among the actors on the set?
Thankfully there is no serious competition on set. Maybe the competition on the set is who can pull the best prank on one another. It's very relaxed and I think that's what helps us keep the balance. On the show there is a lot of crying, a lot of loss and people going through a lot of pain so we have to do something to stay sane, to stay awake. There's no competition, maybe some bets about golf or basketball.

What's with all the shower sex on the show?
I don't know, I guess maybe it is more efficient. You have sex and you are clean at the end of it so I guess we should all think about having more shower sex.