Suri Cruise


Dear Ted:
A lot has been written lately about Suri Cruise's $150,000 shoe collection, mostly heels, and some created especially for her by top designers. Her clothing wardrobe is reported to be in excess of $3 million. Suri's parents claim only to be trying to make her happy. How do you feel about Tom and Katie allowing that kind of extravagance? I think that PETA could make better use of the money!
Aggravated Annie 

Dear Cash Cop:
Yeah, the money surely would be better used to help prevent cruelty to animals, but don't forget, the kids of public figures often get treated pretty cruelly, too (and by their own parents sometimes). So, if Tom and Katie want to spoil their daughter with extravagant clothes, hell, why not? Better than Courtney Love's parental guidance program, I say.

Dear Ted:
My kitty Jose and I have really enjoyed reading all the comments by your readers about The Hunger Games and Twilight, even the ones we don't agree with. I was wondering, since you seem to be all into the young adult series lately, have you read The Mortal Instruments? I loved those books (the first three anyway). I am just about to start the fourth one in the series and I have heard they are going to make the first one City of Bones into a movie. I think you need to hop on The Mortal Instruments wagon with the rest of us and check out Clary and Jace.

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Dear Mortal Combat:
Totally into covering The Mortal Instruments (and seeing how well they hold up to Twilight and Hunger projects—Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins have been cast in the Mortal movies being made, of course), but first have to finish the Hunger trilogy. Not quite done yet. By the way, hear Mortal is all about tons of sensory-heightened killings, just like Hunger Games, what the hell's up with all the violent death in literature these days? Sign o' the times, or something more? Think we need to start a book club to figure this one out.

Dear Ted:
You know, Twilight and The Hunger Games are not the only franchises with a massive fanbase. The Mortal Instruments are being made into movies, too. And they're by far way better that the other two. So why do you never talk about them?

Dear Picky:
You sound like me talking about Hunger vs. Twilight, love it! Let me start reading and get right back to ya—hold that bitchy thought!

Dear Ted:
I know the best-selling movie of all time! Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie starring together in an action flick where they have to work together! There isn't a soul in the world who wouldn't go to see how that turns out. So, really my rescue kitty has heard the ladies have been more than cordial of late on the phone through Brad. Any truth to this? If Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor could do it and make everyone in awe of them, these two could. If so bravo, it seems the press wants a "feud" far more than either of them would after six and a half long years of this ridiculousness.

Dear Gullible:
Cordiality aside (because that does genuinely exist between the parties mentioned), the only accurate film that could be made about this story would be a black comedy, because these characters are always making jokes about the other behind the other's back—and it's more often than not pretty dark stuff.

Dear Ted:
This is going to be a super-unpopular question, but what the heck is wrong with Robsten? At the MTV awards, Rob looked higher than a kite. He couldn't even put a sentence together! This is more than just the "awkwardness" that made him so endearing in the beginning. He was hard to watch, and she's not much better.

Dear Duh:
As I've famously made it no secret why I adore both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (precisely because of their genuineness, awkwardness and lack of slicked-up fakeness), not quite sure why you're asking me? But since you have, I'd stop paying attention to the super-packaged folk like Reese Witherspoon and more to stars who seem a little weird. You can trust them more, take my word.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Nicole Kidman and that hubby of hers? They looked out of synch at the CMA's yesterday. Or is it just me?

Dear No, It's Not:
I've been wondering the same thing for a while now. But let's give them a break for a bit, ‘K? Clearly, they're out of the honeymoon faze and they've also got some new kids to raise. That cannot be easy, much less under a celebrity magnifying glass.

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