Dakota Fanning

Casey Steele/WireImage

Dakota Fanning just graduated high school, but she isn't trading higher education for more time in the spotlight.

In fact, she's headed off to college, says her precocious younger sister Elle.

Despite their movie star status, school is apparently a major priority in the Fanning household, and Elle is planning to follow in her big sister's foot steps and attend college herself:


"I'm in middle school, so I'll be going into eighth grade," the eloquent middle schooler told E! News last night about her big sister's graduation at the Super 8 premiere. "We go to the same school, and I also wanna go to college and she's going to college."

It sounds like Dakota may be heading east for her continuing education.

She was spotted touring NYU in April and was reportedly accepted into the Gallatin School of Individual Studies, where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also enrolled (and failed to graduate).

But if anyone can handle college in NYC, we bet it's Dakota. After all, she already made the cheerleading squad, homecoming queen and a bunch of movies before she even turned 18. We have faith in her!

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