Maggie Q, Nikita

Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

We love you, Maggie Q!

The supersweet, supersexy star of CW's Nikita just sat down with reporters at the Monte Carlo TV Festival to talk about the romance in store for her character in season two, plus how she got her amazing fight-scene skills.

Read on to find out what Maggie told us about Nikita's future with Michael, because, as she puts it, "[Nikita's] got to get laid, too."

Maggie Q wasn't willing to spill any secrets when prompted by the international press to talk about Nikita's mysterious backstory, but she did talk romance! 

Maggie told reporters: "We are going to see more relationship stuff for her, which is great because, you know, she's got to get laid, too." Preach, sister.

As for general developments in season two, Maggie Q promises, "Nikita needs love. So there's going to be that. And we are going to finally see some backstory on her because we were actually able to avoid that in the first season. It was incredible how we actually managed to get around that. In the second season we're going to get into it and it's going to be really fun. I mean the stuff that they have planned is great."

What do you most want to learn about Nikita's past? What do you think Michael and Nikita's relationship will look like in season two?

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