Kirstie Alley

Has Kirstie Alley has turned her foxtrot into a cougar chase?

The Dancing Wth the Stars runner-up was spotted leaning out a car window yesterday in New York, putting the full on mack on a much younger-looking guy.

Feeling frisky from all that dancing, Kirstie? Her man appeared pretty into the kiss himself, leaning in for a full on smack on the lips that looked like it was getting pretty hot.

One question though—who the heck is he?

We'll tell you...

The 60-year-old Alley's tall (and cute!) dark-haired mystery man is "just Teddy" according to the actress' rep. "Teddy" turns out to be Ted Volynets, who was featured heavily on the actress' reality show, Kirstie Alley's Big Life.

"They are very good friends, but not romantic," explained Alley's rep.

Sure looked romantic.

We're told Ted is also part of the DWTS tour group, along with his sister, and he works closely with Maksim Chmerkovskiy's dance company, Dance With Me Studios.

Still doesn't explain why the former Cheers star was tonguing him down in the street. Is that how she treats all her pals?

Alley, who says she has dropped three dress sizes since dancing up a storm on the show, recently broke it off with another youngster, dumping her alleged 21-year-old boyfriend, rapper Shanice Boyd, then joking about her penchant for younger dudes on Twitter.

"Every single thing u read about me is true...why it seems I've shagged 200 men under 23 just this month alone!! LOL...great pics though," she wrote.

Alley has been in New York City with her DWTS partner Maksim promoting the All the Right Moves summer dance invitational.

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