Jon Cryer never saw it coming.

That's what the lovable sitcom actor told David Letterman last night about his former Two and a Half Men costar Charlie Sheen's very public meltdown and firing.

Even more surprising, Cryer admitted during his Late Show appearance that even though Sheen tossed him in the "troll" camp, he still considers the porn- and drug-loving actor a "good friend."

So how does Cryer feel about buddy's replacement on the show, Ashton Kutcher?

"We had a very quick meeting to see if we could deal with each other, and we could," Cryer told Letterman about his new costar. "They threw everything together very quickly and they had to fly us to New York so they could parade us in front of advertisers. And they put us in the CBS corporate jet, which was very snazzy."

The royal treatment is a far cry from the dark days following Sheen's firing, which Cryer joked were "mostly fun."

"It's as much a mystery to me as everyone I think," Cryer told the talk host about Sheen's public meltdown. "My favorite moment was I got a text from someone, saying 'Charlie Sheen just called Thomas Jefferson a p---y.' I said 'I think things are getting out of hand.'"

Cryer says he had no idea when all the warlock rants would end and that no one knew exactly how to handle it.

"No no no. We didn't see where it was going. This has never happened before," Cryer said, before quipping, "It wasn't like back in 1963, everyone remembers when Fred MacMurray went bats--t and started talking about free mason ninjas and stuff. It was crazy! And Vivian Vance started urinating on the set of Here's Lucy. So nobody was prepared for this."

And when Letterman reminded Cryer that Sheen had called him names, specifically "a troll" (to us actually), Cryer insisted the two were still pals.

"Yes, as friends do," he laughed about the name-calling. "I love him, he's a great friend. All of us, none of us wanted to continue with the show if we felt like it was hurting him, and there was a point at which, we felt like, there's no control over him."

At least it all worked out in the end—for Cryer and the Two and a Half Men crew anyway. Sheen, who has quieted down considerably, is currently selling his Beverly Hills mansion and hiring an intern. 

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