Teen Wolf Cast


If Teen Wolf isn't one of the most sexually charged high school television shows around, we don't know what is.

And the cast of the recently launched MTV series has no qualms about telling you so...

"There's a lot of nakedness," says Holland Roden. "And we have a lot of sex. Yes, a lot of sex."

Okie-dokie then.

While Tyler Posey has already made a number of shirtless appearances on the show (more on that in a second), we're apparently going to be seeing the same from hottie Colton Haynes. "Oh, honey," Roden said while pointing to Haynes on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, "this one strips down!"

Haynes quickly added, "I'm in a towel."

"There are a lot of shower scenes," explained costar Tyler Hoechlin.

Even if the Teen Wolf cast told our own Awful Truth that they hope Twilight fans will watch their supernatural show, a little healthy competition is certainly in order.

Ask the TW gang who has the hotter wolf bod—Posey or Taylor Lautner—and Roden answers without even having to think about it. "Come on!" she said. "Posey all the way. We are Team Posey all the way."

Dylan O'Brien, who plays Posey's best bud Stiles, agrees—but not because of the muscly physique. "Taylor is good looking dude and he has a hot wolf bod, but Posey is...tanner," cracked .

Posey chimed in, "I'm very tan. I'm very Mexican. Not GTL here. It's all natural."

And by the way, if you're looking for Teen Wolf's answer to Robert Pattinson, you can stop now. As series executive producer Jeff Davis told me back when they first started shooting, "There will never be vampires."

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