Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives heads into season eight this fall, and someone might have let it slip that we won't be seeing a season nine. And it wasn't even one of the stars who spilled the info!

Instead, it was William H. Macy, hubby of D.H. star Felicity Huffman, who told reporters today at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival that she "has one more year of Desperate Housewives." Naturally, reporters jumped all over Felicity about his comment when they talked to her next. So what did she have to say about William's big mouth?

Well, first of all, she was exasperated with her spouse. "Did he say I was leaving?" she asked incredulously. "Someone get me a phone!" Don't worry, she was feigning her angry attitude and happily set the record straight.

"No, that's not been decided yet, but I love that Bill is spreading rumors. No, we're signed up for two more years," she insists. "It depends on the ratings whether we'll actually go two more years or not, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. I'd like to go two more years. I love the work, I love working from home, it's the job of a lifetime, so I hope it goes two more years, but maybe it's just one more year. It depends on how we do."

So the answer to the question in the headline is...maybe. The cast is signed on for a ninth season, but like Felicity said, that doesn't guarantee the show is necessarily guaranteed a season-nine renewal. So, for now, let's just focus on the eighth season with some scoop on Lynette and Tom (Doug Savant).

"I think it's going to be tough for Tom and Lynette to get through this. I don't know exactly how they are going to jump over this," Felicity says of the duo's separation last season. "And I think depending on whether this is our last year or not we'll decide on whether they break up or not. It would be sad if they split, wouldn't it?"

Would you be sad if Tom and Lynette split for good, DH fans? And should there be a ninth season?

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