Like any average Joe, Ryan Reynolds is afraid of a lot things, with flying and heights being the two biggest. Ironically, the filming of his newest movie required him to be up in the air a lot.

So how did he overcome his fears to play a superhero that flies without a problem? E! News sat down with the star and his Green Lantern hottie Blake Lively and got answers to that and so much, the Green Lantern coming to Gossip Girl?

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"Well, for starters there's an entire studio that will just, you know, they'll have me killed quietly in my sleep if I don't actually perform these things that they told me to," Ryan joked while talking to our own Catt Sadler. "By the forth or fifth day of doing it you kinda start to get, you get use to it. And dare I say, a little cocky with it."

And what did he do with the ring that actually gives him the power to fly in the movie? He gave it to his nephew! But not without a warning:

"He better put it in a special little place locked up, 'cause if even one of those kids at his school steals that from him I have no problem hitting a child," he said sarcastically. "No problem at all. Wouldn't think twice."

The Hollywood hunk continued showing his sarcastic-jokester side when asked whether or not he'd be up for giving the green hero another go on the big screen. Turns out, Ryan has different goals for the protector of the universe.

"I'm going to play the Green Lantern in Gossip Girl next season," he joked. Think Chuck Bass would make a decent villain? A clash between those two would definitely be something to see. If only it were true!

Check out the video to catch more from the funny actor and why Lively sees her character as a kickass superhero in her own right.

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