Super 8, Elle Fanning

Paramount Pictures

If you absolutely, positively can't wait until Friday to finally find out, once and for all, what exactly is causing all the havoc in Super 8, you're in luck.

While the mysterious new flick from director J.J. Abrams is officially set to open on Friday, eager beavers will be able to check it out a day early in about 300 theaters (including 239 IMAX screens in the U.S. and Canada) thanks to a partnership between Paramount Pictures and Twitter.

As part of the promotion, both companies have set up the hashtag #Super8Secret, which will provide folks a way to buy tickets. And when you do finish watching it, head back to the same hashtag to tell fellow moviegoers how oh-so-incredibly-awesome it was and convince them that they simply won't want to do anything else this weekend but see Super 8.

Well, at least that's the hope.

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