Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi


The claws have come out once again. Guess who I just heard from regarding my story yesterday about the ongoing feud between Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney?

Yup, Ms. Barney.

Get ready for a big case of the meow's…

"Gretchen's constantly bashing me in interviews is nothing more than a clever diversion, created so the attention is not on the three lawsuits in which she is currently involved and the problems with her [boyfriend Slade Smiley's] past-due child support," Barney writes an email to me. "She has NO knowledge of the issues I had with Jeana [Keough], yet she constantly finds reasons to talk about me in interviews, on the show and on her Bravo blogs."

Barney says all this and more were addressed during the taping of the upcoming reunion show.

"She is nothing more than obsessed with me," she writes. "You would think with all her legal problems, she would use her time more wisely. I truly feel sorry for her and hope that she lets go of the anger she has in her heart as I did for Jeana Keough."

The two-part reunion special begins June 12. A promo for the, um, get-together shows—what else?—lots of screaming and name-calling. Smiley goes so far as to sneer at Barney, "I know you're busy sucking off everyone else, right?" Barney stormed of stage, hissing, "He's the lowest form of s--t there is in the world."


We'd love to hear from you again. Looking forward to the explosive reunion? Sound off below.

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