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Dear Ted:
A while ago there was a rumor that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were trying to do a Latin-based singing contest show. What ever happened to that? And WTF? First of all, that's Jennifer's thing. Why is he even involved? What are your thoughts? Is she going to leave American Idol?

Dear Salsa Miss-Step:
If Jenny ditched Idol and all the attention it got for her noncareer, it would be the stupidest thing she's ever done—I'll say that. I think she's smart enough to want to stick with Steven Tyler and company, but the marriage issue could sway this. As for Marc, he never has and never will have a problem riding her fashionable coattails.

Dear Ted:
I'm over all these cry babies! Robsten still deserved to win Best Kiss! Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman's kiss was lukewarm. I've seen better chemistry from Disney cartoons!

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Dear Mouse Trap:
I don't know what flicks from Disney you've been watching, but I don't remember Snow White ever going down on Cinderella. And you must admit that the Black Swan smooch was hot, hot, hot, and it would have been hilar to see über-preggo Nat try to avoid swapping spit with Mila.

Dear Ted:
Lay of poor Stephenie Meyer! Without her, we wouldn't have Robsten! Twilight may not be the most brilliant piece of literature, but you can't help but admire someone for following their dreams. I think her writing is pretty good for a housewife turned author. Suzanne Collins and Stephenie have their strengths and weaknesses, and I don't thing S.M.'s odd religion or funky toes should factor in!
—Tiffany (via Facebook)

Dear Pen Wars:
True, if it weren't for Bella and Edward, Rob and Kris probably never would have crossed paths. And don't get me wrong, I love the Twi phenomenon, but I'll take Suz over Steph any day. Tho, Suzanne hasn't demonstrated her red carpet sensibilities yet, which most definitely factors into things.

Dear Ted:
You're being an ass about the Reese thing. She's right, young girls need to know there are other ways. Let's face it, the mainstream thing to do seems to be pose in your undies, date a sports figure, drop a sex tape, etc. I have no problem with women doing any of this, but when that's all young girls are seeing, we have a problem. Maybe if you were a woman or had a daughter you'd understand. We need options that don't involve sexuality first.

Dear Wither Spoonin' It Out:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't dislike Reese. I actually like her for all the reasons that some commenters are bitchin' that I hate on her: because she's a strong lady who knows how to get what she wants. I just wish she'd own up to that instead of hiding behind the cookie-cutter image. She's not nearly as saccharine as she seems, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Dear Ted:
I'm a Lea Michele fan, so I'm excited to watch her on TV and on the big screen (especially New Year's Eve). The Glee schedule is full all the time, and after the show they have a tour, but do you have any news about Lea doing other movies?

Dear Funny Girl:
You're not the only one who wants L.M. to hit the big screen more often—she does, too! But Ryan Murphy works those kids to the bone, so there's practically no time for them to do any extracurricular flicks (which is exactly why some kids are jonesing to jump ship). Plus, Lea hasn't found the right role yet.

Dear Ted:
I'm an old-fashioned girl, and I think Taylor Swift needs a girlfriend to chat with about the birds and bees. Who better than Ashley Greene? They should become BFFs. Ashley could be Taylor's instructor on how to get a boy and have a relationship with him. Ashley would get all the benefits of Taylor's limelight. What say you?

Dear Gal Pals:
What a bizarro plan, D. But trust me, Ash could learn a few things from Tay, too. You underestimate her.

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