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Last week we mentioned the news of Glee star Naya Rivera's upcoming album, as well as our shock that Lea Michele has yet to jump aboard the solo-career train. And while Mark Salling and Matthew Morrison's albums haven't exactly been Grammy-worthy, they both made appearances on the Billboard 200 chart their first week (Salling at 189 and Morrison at 24).

But unlike some of her Glee costars, Lea wants to focus on movies and other acting roles insist some of Michele's close friends. This is actually pretty funny, because her album would likely blow all of the others right out of the water. And while Lea has been gradually easing into film, including a role in December's New Year's Eve, she really needs a blockbuster to launch her movie career. And we've got the answer...

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Wait for it...Twilight: The Musical.

Once Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is released Nov. 16, 2012, we all know Summit is going to be scrambling to keep fangirls screaming for more. As luck would have it, Bill Condon, the director of both Breaking Dawn flicks, was also the screenwriter for one of the best Broadway-to-film adaptations there is: Chicago. He could easily make the worldwide phenom a musical hit. And who better to fill Kristen Stewart's singing shoes than our very own Lea?

What a bitchin' Bella she'd be!

We're picturing the musical opening with a soulful Lea ballad, à la "Mama Who Bore Me" in Spring Awakening, transitioning to the upbeat and catchy "Ode to Forks," the Edward rock solo, "I Want to Suck (Your Blood)," and an Edward-Bella duet, "Hold on Tight, Spider Monkey," reminiscent of Aladdin's "A Whole New World."

Admit it: You're intrigued.

Like the film adaptations, this, of course, would be one of many musicals. An Edward cover of Paul Anka's "(You're) Having My Baby" and a campy Jacob solo, "Oops!...I Transitioned Again," is sure to make the Twilight musical franchise a hit. This is a must, the more we think about it.

Speaking of Jacob, Mark Salling would be a shoo-in for the role. He's got the voice, the abs and his days on Glee are probably numbered. In fact, we could probably cast the entire Glee gang in Twilight: The Musical. Dianna Agron as Rosalie and Chord Overstreet as Mike, anyone?

And as for Bella's other-half, we all know Robert Pattinson can carry a tune, but we doubt he would want to don the sparkles again. But we can still dream, right?

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