The Hunger Games, Twilight

Can it please be March 23, 2012 already?

We can't get enough of The Hunger Games and all the bitchin' you readers do on the blog (for the record, Team Truth doesn't mind that Josh Hutcherson's hair isn't sunny blonde). But while we were hitting up some of our fave sites on the subject, we couldn't help but wonder about the chick behind the lit—author Suzanne Collins.

Then Suz went and posted a Facebook message late last week, and now we gotta ask: Is this chick too good to be true?

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Seems that way.

Suzanne's FB friends all got a little inside scoop on the HG script sitch when the woman who penned the trilogy explained her involvement in the movie-making process.

The coolest part?

Collins did more than visit the set to rile up the more maternal fans and snap some pictures with her hot hot hot actors. She actually wrote the first draft of the screenplay!

It shouldn't really be so shocking, seeing as, duh, Suz knows the material better than anyone. But not many authors of über hot franchises have knocked out scripts for their big-screen debuts.

We think you know we're talking about a certain vamp-lovin' Mormon.

And it seems S.C. differs in a lot of ways from Stephenie Meyer.

Whereas Meyer is totally the dissatisfied Utah housewife itching to be Bella Swan, we can't find any dirty deets or wacko religion on Ms. Collins. And trust us, we've looked.

Collins claims she got the brilliant book idea from flipping through channels showing Iraq war footage and reality TV, then she mixed in a dash of Greek mythology and presto! Instant (bloody) hit.

But there's gotta be something up with Suz to write a story about entertainment via murder. Right? Like a childhood desire to beat the crap outta some kids at school while sucking face with the town hottie?

Apparently not.

Point is, we just can't find a misstep with Suzanne...yet. Seriously, she even adopts feral kittens!

And we must fess, Suz seems to be dealing with all this book-turned-movie mumbo jumbo so well. S.C. is involved and positive about the films, yet she allows more experienced movie buffs to take over when necessary.

Hopefully Suz won't let us down by showing up to one of her swanky premiers with calloused feet and no pedi in (gasp!) open-toed shoes. Speaking of: shame on you, Stephenie! You better wow me at the Breaking Dawn premiere.

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