Hot Moms Shower Kate Hudson's Baby Girl (Or Boy?)

Celeb friends throw gender-neutral baby shower for the very pregnant star

By Cristina Gibson, Kara Frasca Jun 07, 2011 10:20 PMTags
Kate HudsonDonna Ward/Getty Images

Mom-to-be Kate Hudson is keeping her baby's sex a secret—even from herself!

Close friends threw a baby shower for Kate and her Muse man Matthew Bellamy this past Sunday at a private home in Malibu, where they gave gender-neutral gifts. 

Nearly 80 guests, including Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox and Rachel Zoe, munched on appetizers and played baby games to help the expectant actress and her fiancé brainstorm names for a boy or girl:

Shower guests were asked to participate in a "hilarious" guessing game as to what Kate and Matthew should name the new addition to their family, according to Us Weekly. (Could that be how Gwyneth Paltrow came up with Apple?)

Although the party featured pink, blue, yellow and green decorations, the soon-to-be second-time mom has already revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she thinks baby No. 2 is a girl.

She said, "Everything's been so different, which is why I think it's a girl. And it definitely doesn't belong to me anymore, this area," she said, pointing to her swollen stomach. "It's all hers. So I feel like that means it might be a girl."

Time will tell! Any guesses?

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