Colin Farrell, Rob Pattinson, Friday Night, Twilight

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The vampire craze just won't let up, will it?

While the upcoming new flick Fright Night is no Twilight, we gotta admit its lead vampire is a helluva looker...

In the comedy horror flick, out in August, Colin Farrell plays a secret vampire whose neighbor (Anton Yelchin) believes he's responsible for a string of deaths in their town. "Do they have a movie coming out?" laughed Fright Night costar Christopher Mintz-Plasse when I recently asked him about competing with Twilight.

Mintz-Plasse says there is no competition. "It's a good funny scary movie," he said. "Their vampires glitter but ours actually die in the sunlight."

Rounding out the cast are Toni Collette and Imogen Poots. But the question remains, which film has the better looking bloodsuckers? "They got Robert Pattinson who's a stud but then we got Colin Farrell who's got the age and the studliness," Mintz-Plasse said.

In other words, It's on, people! Let the Pattinson vs. Farrell battle begin.

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