Jackson Rathbone

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Despite pictures of romantic strolls and rumors of makeouts with his Breaking Dawn costar Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone insisted to us at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, "I'm single right now."

Aw man, we were seriously looking forward to Robsten part deux!

But just 'cause this Twi-guy says he's on his own, doesn't mean he doesn't believe in love or on-set romances:

"More power to them," Rathbone said of his stance on on-set relationships, of which his Twilight cast has seen their fair share. "When you work with someone for a long time, you find everything you love about them."

Awww. But even though Rathbone isn't copping to any funny business with Ashley Greene, he does reveal the two are super close.

"We're all so busy, but I do hang out with Ashley a lot, I hang out with Kellan and Nikki a lot. Whenever we have free time we all hang out together," dished Rathbone.

What, are Robsten too cool for school?

One guy Rathbone may be seeing a bit more of? Nikki Reed's new fiancé, American Idol alum Paul MacDonald.

And the actor is happy to ingratiate the reality star into their tight-knit Twi-crew!

"Paul is an awesome guy, we've actually jammed together a few times. He came to play with 100 Monkeys at our last El Rey show," Rathbone revealed. "He's a great musician, a great guy. I love him and I love Nikki."

Sounds to us like Rathbone is campaigning for a future groomsman spot.

So would the 100 Monkeys frontman be down for more collaborations with MacDonald in the future?

"Sure, I like that idea," Rathbone piped back, quite happily, right at the same moment Jackson's publicist handed us his band's CD.

Nothin' like a little self promotion!

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