Anthony Weiner

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So, the belated truth is, yes, Rep. Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeted his crotch to the whole entire World Wide Internets.

The following unsavvy Twitter stars know Weiner's pain, more or less.

OK, mostly less: 

1. Courtney Love's Underwear Oops: Last fall, the sometime rocker/full-time trainwreck pulled a Weiner, so to speak, and misrouted a photo of her barely clad self to her since-closed Twitter account. Refreshingly, unlike Weiner, she did not pretend to not know who the barely clad self was. (So, maybe she should run for Congress?)

2. Saturday Night Live's Justin Timberlake Trip: In April, SNL was said to have sprung a leak when its Twitter account let on that Timberlake was going to host the season finale. The premature tweet was deleted, but the news was out. (Well, at least it wasn't very, very bad news…)  

3. Gilbert Gottfried's Natural Disaster: Sure, Gottfried knew he was tweeting jokes about Japan right after tens of thousand of people were killed there, but he didn't seem to know the tsunami cracks would cost him his longtime gig as the voice of the Aflac duck—and that obliviousness might be the funniest thing of all. (On second thought, nah…still nothing funny there.)

4. Russell Brand's Katy Perry Overshare: If Brand were a Congressman, and wife Perry were his constituent, we're not sure he'd win her vote after tweeting (and quickly pulling down) this sleepy-time photo.

5. Hugh Jackman's Twittergate: While doing promotion for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Aussie star opened a Twitter account, and raised eyebrows when, in one of his first posts, he botched the name of an Australian landmark. After initially assigning blame to Auto Correct, the actor's camp fessed up that Jackman hadn't typed the tweet at all—he'd "communicated" it to a U.S.-based aide. (Well, at least no crotches were involved.)

(Originally published June 6, 2011, at 9 p.m. PT)

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