Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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Dear Ted:
I was able to find loads of footage showing Robsten holding hands and going and leaving the afterparty. Anyone who says now they are "just friends" is clearly a lunatic!
—Jamie Cason-VanLuven
(via Facebook)

Dear Right On:
Or just jealous? As we told you earlier today, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back. Seriously back. You never know how they're feeling—whether they want to flaunt their real relaysh, or not—but we're just glad Rob and Kris answered our demands to sex it up a bit. And man, did they ever! Beards, fakes and PR couples just don't give real PDA like this. Sorry, it's a fact.

Dear Ted:
At the MTV Movie Awards,  Reese Witherspoon claimed she is "trying to make it cool to be a good girl." If people knew her Blind Vice, would her self-titled "good girl" appearance be considered unwarranted?

Dear Kiss Hiss:
Oh come on, isn't Rob kissing Taylor Lautner worth the fun? And then afterward, Rob got his real smooch stuff on, trust us! Best of both worlds that way, and everybody had fun doing it, in case you were wondering. As far as Reese goes, don't believe anything that comes out of that woman's mouth. I think the world is beginning to see her for the two-face she can often be. Funny, still dig her, though—just wish she'd 'fess up about who she really is, that's all.

Dear Ted:
Does Penn Badgley have a Blind Vice? If not, does he have any Vicey secrets?

Dear No and No:
The Blind Vice annals are reserved for interesting people, only.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or does the news surrounding Blake Lively (nude pictures, her relationship with Leo) seem very convenient. I mean, maybe she just really wants us to see Green Lantern?

Dear Smart:
Babe, you ain't the only one wondering this exact same query. Stay tuned, more on this super soon.

Dear Ted:
So if there was ever anyone who is the number No. 1 cheerleader for Team Reed it would be me but what is wrong with Nikki?! Is it just me or is their relationship just going super fast!

Dear Speedy Mizz Gonzalez:
Uh yeah! No doubt her engagement to Paul McDonald is definitely quick, but still crossing our fingers for the lovebirds!

Dear Ted:
I watched the MTV Movie Awards cuddled with my 20-pound rescue cat (no joke, she has taken to rescued life very well)m and we noticed an absence. Why wasn't Ashley Greene at the awards? Red carpets are usually her scene, and it seemed like the rest of the cast was all there. Was it just scheduling conflicts or is there lingering drama?
—Violet's Mama 

Dear Good Question:
Something tells me Ashley saw Robsten's slobber evening and Nikki's engagement coming and she knew she just couldn't compete, don't you think?

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Emma Stone and Penn Badgley? They were seen together in Rose Bar twice, Yeselka and were walking in Union Square Market in New York City together last week. New couple alert?

Dear Keepin Watch:
Romantic dinners, long strolls through NYC, hitting up the bars...all signs point to coupledom. No word yet if this is for sure, but we're on the lookout for a kiss. Anything to get that boy's sex appeal back up!

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