Captain America: The First Avenger

Jay Maidment/Marvel Entertainment

We've always thought Chris Evans was hot, and his Captain America body has skyrocketed him to a whole new level.

So why is Mr. Evans fretting about his future as the patriotic superhero? You won't believe what he told me...

"I have no problem saying this, but I'm losing my hair," he said at the MTV Movie Awards.

Here's the deal: Evans is signed up for three Captain America flicks and three Avengers movies. "The fear is this [role] can span 10 years so I can be doing this character until I'm 40," he explained. "I'm supposed to be like this superior human. He can't be balding...How horrible would it be if this superior man has male pattern baldness?"

Evans is not, however, worrying about his muscly physique. "That I can control," he smiled.

He hits the gym almost every day. "It's a lot more than I'd like it to be, but you know, if I miss three or four days, I feel like s—t," he said.

Running is not part of his workout. "Last year, I got into running and I was like, 'I'm going to start running and then I would run on the treadmill and feel great," he said. "But I'll get too thin. I lose weight so quickly."

But now the big question is who has the best superhero body in the Avengers?

Mark Ruffalo, who's trained pretty hard to become the Hulk, can't pick just one. "It's a tossup," he told us at Global Green USA's Millennium Awards. "But I would say Scarlett Johansson...But then it would be Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. They're pretty strapping boys themselves."

Oh, Mr. Ruffalo, don't sell your lean, mean and green bod too short.

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