It's on: Besides the much-awaited trailers of Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter and Super 8, the MTV Movie Awards featured a Hangover-inspired opening that combined Taylor Lautner E!'s own Chelsea Handler and host Jason Sudeikis with some Black Swan hotness.

And that was a good way to start. So how did it go from there?

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Best Opener: The Hangover spoof was fun and funny, and Sudeikis brought the funny with a monologue that was brash, cheeky and just on the good side of Ricky Gervais territory.

Best Reactions: While we felt for Selena Gomez as she squirmed through Sudeikis' jokes, Emma Stone delivered the Stone face when the host aimed at her. And it was funnier than the joke. Nice.

Easiest Target: Arnold Schwarzenegger probably deserves residuals for all the punchlines he supplied for the host.

Most Incestuous Instructive: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis announced that although they weren't dating, they were like siblings, close enough to fondle each other's junk, which they then did. You know, just like you and your siblings.

Best Idea: Presenting Robert Pattinson an award first thing of the night. And then another one for best fight. And then another…

Best Kiss: While nobody was surprised that Kristen Stewart and R.Pattz won the award, the pair kept things fun by adding a third party to the mix: Taylor Lautner.

Worst Revelation: Besides dropping the f-bomb, Pattinson said playing the son of Reese Witherspoon made him realize it was all right to have sexual feelings for one's mother.

Least Roasted: If you ever wondered whether Witherspoon seems like a perfectionist, she did correct Pattinson's dirty jape by adding, "And by the way, Rob, the punchline to your joke was I played your mother and then we had a sex scene, so you're the best motherf---er in Hollywood." Um, OK.

Most Teachable Moment: Witherspoon added that it was possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show…on the network that brings you Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.

Best Speech: The wee child from Grown-Ups brought some much-needed G-rated sweetness to the raunchy trophy fest.

Twilight vs. Harry Potter: Well, if you go by numbers, it was Twilight. But if you go by the…no, pretty much any way you cut it the vampires won.  

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