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Despite a commitment in the offing, Greta Gatsby's fairytale happily-ever-after to Taller Baller isn't all that it appears to be.

While Greta frequently travels, her BF is left alone to his own devices and is apparently hitting on every gal that walks into his favorite bar, where he spends much of his free time.

And though the muscle man's flirtfests may be innocent enough for now (and not by his design), we doubt his main mama would think highly of his player past.

Taller Baller has quite the drive!

Turns out T.B. would get very angry if any girl he brought home refused to, well, give it up.

In one noteworthy incident, T.B. even kicked a gal out of his house after she refused to seal the deal after their second date.

And he never called her again!

If these gals only knew how lucky they really are not to have this already-taken schmuck off their hands.

‘Cause  it sounds like when Baller doesn't get what he wants when he wants it, he can turn into quite the pissy missy.

We hope Greta tightens up the leash on this spoiled puppy before it's too late!

But like so many women, we fear Greta just doesn't want to know. Get it?

AND IT AIN'T: Derek Jeter, Rick Fox, Kris Humphries

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