So, is this amnesia-driven romance cheesy and clichéd or adorable and heartfelt? We're going to have to say both.

Romantic drama alums Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) and Channing Tatum (Dear John) team up in this new film about a young couple (Paige and Leo) who are crazy in love. Seriously, you wish your love was this crazy. A car accident causes Paige to lose her memory of their relationship though, and Leo makes it his goal to win her heart again. Can love find a second chance?

The plot seems sweet and the two look adorable together but with many films like it, we can see the movie getting a little cheesy. And haven't we seen this plot before—in soap operas? Then again, that's why we love chick flicks, right? It's hard to resist the charms of these two stars, so why fight it?

Ready for love to conquer memory loss? The Vow hits theaters on Valentine's Day 2012.

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