Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively

Ciao Pix/INFphoto.com

Why the concerned cell phone call when you should be enjoying the Italian seas with your new beau, Blake?

Oh right, that little nudey photo scandal you've found yourself in, perhaps?

While Blake's rep denied the first leaked photos were of the actress, the rep has been suspiciously mum on the second round of photos released Wednesday. So Leo and B seem to be taking the matter into their own hot hands...

By distracting people with their continued Euromance!

Is it working? Have you forgotten about these pics yet?

We didn't think so.

Little did Leo know what he was getting himself into when he took up with the young starlet who was scandal-free—at least she was until she hooked up with the famous playboy actor. But who knows, maybe Blake is still scandal-free? "Fake" photos or not, these birthday-suit shots sure do look a helluva lot like the Gossip Girl gal.

And you know Bar Refaeli could not be happier about it.

While Leo deals with his new gal's nudey showdown, Bar has been globe-trotting with friends and even posed for pics with a new dude, Israeli basketball stud Omri Casspi in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Très romantic!

But enough, you two, stop trying to one-up each other with your sexy photos and call a truce, already.

Although, lucky for us, we have a feeling this photo war won't be ending anytime soon.

With Bar turning 26 tomorrow, we wonder what kind of celebration the model has in store?

But you can bet we will be seeing twitpics from the birthday bash!

Just remember to keep your clothes on, doll!

(Or maybe not?)

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