Is Heather Graham Over the Hangover Hype?

Heather Graham ditches Hangover talk to spill details on new James Franco movie, where she plays a former porn star

By Cristina Gibson, Kara Frasca Jun 02, 2011 4:50 PMTags
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Heather Graham is moving on.

After a hysterical role in The Hangover, the actress wasn't invited back for the mega-money making sequel. When asked for her thoughts on the new flick last night in NYC, Heather said she hasn't even seen it yet.

Could there be bitterness brewing?

Well, she had hoped for a return, telling E! to "knock on wood" for her role reprise.

That obviously didn't happen, but Heather quickly added that she does plan to see the sequel at some point.

"I'm looking forward to it," she told us last night at The Kimchi Chronicles premiere party.

The actress currently has another project on her plate with a fellow Hollywood heavyweight. She recently inked a deal to play a porn star turned director alongside James Franco and Dev Patel in Cherry, and says she'll be digging deep in preparation for her role.

"I am meeting early and going to hang out in the building in that world," she said. "I work with the script, but it's a lot of imagination."

How exactly is she preparing?

Heather was mum on the deets, but since she's not exactly new to playing adult roles, such as Roller Girl in Boogie Nights and a stripper in the first Hangover, we have a feeling she'll do just fine as a retired porn star.

Her love life is doing well these days, too.

At the bash, her Venezuelan beau Jason Silva was by her side the whole night. Although he's a TV host himself, he was happy to let his lady take the spolight as she posed for pictures with fellow guests Hugh Jackman and Shenae Grimes.