Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson

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Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Josh Hutcherson has yet to be proven Vice-worthy but didn't you mention that Vanessa Hudgens was going to corrupt him? Or is this a good Vice as Josh might keep baby V. out of the Blind Vice column? I do think Josh H. has got to be a lot less Vice-worthy than Zac ever was.

Dear BF BVs:
Vanessa has dabbled in dubious activity from time to time but was never a horrible Vice offender herself. It was more often the people she was with that gave us some of our fave goss fodder. But relaysh-wise, she's seemed be choosing romance over tabloid attention this time around so that automatically gives Joshey a better edge than Zac. See how that works?

Dear Ted:
You've got to give me some clues on Bradley Cooper's Vice. He's my dream guy and I'm dying to know! Pretty please, with a rescue kitty on top?

Dear Pussy Galore:
Only cause you're a friend to felines, but Brad-Brad was up to his Vicey ways long before he made it famous in The Hangover. Hell, it may have predated his time on the boob tube if that gives you a better time frame (and it hasn't stopped, far from it).

Dear Ted:
Sorry...I can't remember their BV names, but, I was trying to find the Blind Vice that you recently posted on the couple who broke up due to the girl (I'll be nice) deciding not to have a baby...My guess: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. From the current issue of Vanity Fair, he speaks really highly of her and says that it hurts too much to talk about. Ted, thanks for being my go-to gossip guy!

Dear Cheap Talk:
You're thinking of Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois, but you're not thinking of the correct couple, I'm sorry to say. J.T. is the one far more likely to Vice in that split—and I only say that because he already has a moniker of his own!

Dear Ted:
What has the Mormon church ever done to you? You bash it constantly! I am a Mormon and I have so many gay friends—you are so misguided. We believe in separation of church and state, that is it! That is what Prop 8 should have been about. If you think Mormons believe gay people are going to hell or anything like that, you are so wrong. I don't know what church you grew up with but the LDS church has never promoted or taught hate. You have just shown you don't do your research or verify your sources. Your site is not The Awful Truth, it should be called- Ted's Opinion and Other Made Up Stuff. Your boards have gotten so vicious, and many with coherent thoughts have left. I'm a Mormon and have been a faithful reader that has become fed up with the hate of the posters and now I am fed up with their leader. AT is a deleted and blocked site for me now, used to find you entertaining.
—Mom of five

Dear Angry Ex-reader:
Prop 8 was about taking Mormon-funneled monies (masses of it) and using it to prohibit the civil rights of gays, period. Google it, if you don't believe me. It's everywhere. However, I totally applaud you for sticking up for Mormons and gays. Hate never works out either way. Hope you'll have a change of heart and bring your opinion back to our message boards, you sound cute 'n' bossy!

Dear Ted:
How do you know Jelena is not just a PR stunt? Clearly both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber benefit—it makes Justin look older/more manly/less gay and Selena gets lots of publicity and greater recognition. Is Jelena the real deal or not?

Dear Not a Belieber:
You are correct that this coupling is much-beneficial for both of their careers. But that's just the cherry on top with these two. It's more of a teen hormones gone amok thing than a PR thing. Well, now it is, anyway.

Dear Ted:
I wish you would elaborate on Dianna Agron leaving Glee next season—why would the producers allow popular cast members to leave? Isn't she one of the top four Glee kids? I love my Quinn!

Dear Quinn Lover:
With movies like I Am Number Four under her belt, Dianna wants to move on to bigger and better things—and it's going to be easy to top the crap she's getting on Glee these days. Sure, she may have been a top 4 kiddo in season one but things have long since changed and now she's just a pretty face in the choir room. And, honestly, her storylines reflect it.

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