We told ya this morning that Kristen Stewart would be in attendance at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, and now MTV has given us the golden news:

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will stand by K.Stew's side as the Twilight stars present viewers with the very first look at footage from Breaking Dawn—Part 1.

And we already have a sneak peek of the sneak peek! But don't blink, otherwise you will miss...

These 15 seconds of holy Twi-goodness!

Bella walking down the aisle in a wedding dress! Towards Edward! Wearing a rock on her ring finger that rivals Kim Kardashian's 20.5 stunner! We cannot breathe, can you?

So here's what we know: They get married outside amidst friends, family and tons of white flowers, Bella's brown locks are held in with a bejeweled hair clip holding a veil, Edward is wearing a tux and looks super calm and collected as his beautiful bride walks towards him. 

The whole thing is tres romantic. We don't know whether to swoon or barf! Or both! Or just inhale?

The only thing better than this 15-second video is the promise of more footage to come this Sunday night as the Twi-fecta stand together and present it to us.

Oh yeah, and how could we forget? What would be even better than that is Robsten winning for Best Kiss (uh, again) and actually laying a sloppy smooch on each other!

Think these two have the guts to do it?

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