Ashley Olsen, Justin Timberlake

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Dear Ted:
Are the rumors true about Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen hooking up? And what's the story behind the breakup between Ashley and Justin Bartha? One minute they are shopping for a house, the next they are dunzo. Did something happen to cause them to suddenly split? Maybe an unwelcome crabby surprise? *wink wink*
—Moo & LMS

Dear Two to Tango:
Justin sure is cashing in on his post-Jessica Biel singledom, so don't take anything too seriously. Or exclusively, as it may be. More on that later, though. As for your not-so-subtle guess, nice try, but Ash isn't Miss Sweet-Cheeks. Sunny was never a child star.

Dear Ted:
I can't believe I found myself even interested in this! But are the rumors true about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart waiting until after Breaking Dawn to break up?

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Dear Breakup Breakdown:
If Robsten were going to break up, they would have done it, already. Not that they care, but calling it quits before Breaking Dawn hit the big screen would only stir up more buzz for the flick. Instead, we'll be watching the publicity-shy couple make the promo rounds together and hope the paparazzi catch a little PDA on the side.

Dear Ted:
Minka Kelly
, does everything right. She's pretty, talented, only dates men who are rich and famous, photo-ops, calculated releases about her love life. This has been going on for years, yet, she keeps getting ignored by the press. Why isn't she a true star yet? It doesn't add up. She might not have leaked a sex tape but she certainly tries like hell. What's the story?

Dear Face the Famous Facts:
It's funny, 'cause usually Derek Jeter's gal pals make a bigger splash. And yet, M.K. hasn't got half the attention that his former flings nabbed while dating the baseball babe. Guess those calculated paparazzi outings only work if the tabs give a damn about you in the first place—which they don't in this unlucky lady's case. Maybe a nice engagement announcement or Vice could change that?

Dear Ted:
My kitty Jose and I have been reading all the comments about Twilight vs. The Hunger Games. I have read both series and I love them both in different ways. I do have to say THG is a much better written series, IMHO. Also, I hope they do a better job with adapting the books to screen than they did with Twilight—which could have been so much better. Anyway, my question to you is, do you think they will be able to make the "games" as good on screen as they were in the books without leaving out big parts of the "games"? Those game scenes in the books were somewhat disturbing.

Dear PG-Unlucky 13:
Nothing like a little bit of friendly competition between the franchises, I say! But I agree with you on all counts, Birdy. As for when Katniss hits the arena, don't fret: I can guarantee it'll get your heart pumping. See, the ratings board cares way more about sex than violence so it's the lovey dovey stuff in Twi that'll cause more of a problem then some Hunger Games blood and guts.

Dear Ted:
Oh you sneaky, sneaky man....loving the title to this morning's Bitch-Back, Ted!
—Jennifer (Via Facebook)

Dear Facebook Friend:
You mean when we asked if Brad could be as "Fakey" as Angelina? I know, it's such a stupid question, almost didn't ask it.

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