Gwyneth Paltrow, Twitter


We know what you're thinking: just what Gwyneth Paltrow needs—another forum in which to show off how much better/worldly/privileged/cultured/your choice of slightly condescending adjective she is than you.

Well, one hater's passive-aggressive trash is another Gooper's treasure, and over the course of just a couple hours and with one rather brief debut tweet, the Oscar-winning actress has amassed a following of 31,000 and counting. Her newly formed Facebook page has also already earned more than 48,000 likes.

And they can't all be haters, right? So just what wise words did Gwynnie choose to bestow on her eager minions?

"This is my first Tweet!"

For Facebook, she went for the equally succinct, "Hey this is my new Facebook page!"

OK, so the wisdom can come later. For now, Paltrow, who also posted a photo of herself and son Moses along with a personal video, seems content to simply have waded into the social media waters in the first place.

"Hi!" she said in the video she posted of herself walking down a New York City street. "I'm trying to join the 21st century."

"So, it's me, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, but not right now. I'm walking down the street looking for a cab. See ya!"

Brief, to the point, and yet personal all at the same time. Figures it would only take Paltrow one tweet to master the medium.

If we didn't like her so much, we'd probably hate her, too.

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