The 90-minute season finale of America's Best Dance Crew is this Sunday, June 5 at 7:30 p.m. (right before the MTV Movie Awards), and the two remaining crews have one final chance to show us what they got.

The two final crews, IaMmE and ICONic Boyz, will compete in the "Ultimate Battle" tomorrow at 10 p.m., and one of the crews is getting a special shout-out from a famous friend in the video above.

Plus, we've got the latest news on True Blood, White Collar, and more in today's TV update:

True Blood: It's not the best quality video, but most fang-bangers won't mind if it means seeing the first three minutes of the season four premiere! Check out Sookie in Fairyland chatting it up with granddad Gary Cole!

Matthew Morrison

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Glee: No one is surprised by this information, but at least we have verbal proof from the actors. Matthew Morrison and Dot Jones agreed that season two was very uneven, mostly because the writers were constantly rushing to finish episodes. "Somedays they'd only finish three of the six acts—so when we'd get a script two days before we start working and you weren't anywhere in there—you'd know you're going to be in the episode, you'll just get your lines sometime during the eight days we shoot a show," Dot says. Matt adds: "Literally, the end of the season, the season finale we just shot, they were handing us script pages, like, ‘Say this right here.' The show is such an epic thing to film, we got so backed up." Hopefully Ryan Murphy hires more writers to get back on track, because we're not sure we can take another season-long roller coaster like the past year of Glee.

White Collar: Pictures from the season premiere (June 7) show Matt Bomer being both hot and gorgeous. If you've made it to this sentence without clicking over to check 'em out, please stop reading and go. Seriously, stop reading. Stop it! Go look at Matt and his hotness!

Pilot News: reports that the great and powerful Law and Order veteran Sam Waterston is joining HBO's new pilot from Aaron Sorkin, tentatively-titled More As This Story Develops. Glad to have you back on our TV screens outside of Ameritrade commercials, Sam!

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