Sarah Palin Meets Donald Trump: Who's Auditioning for Who Here?

Fox News darling shares a photo op with the Apprentice boss during the NYC stop on her cross-country bus trip

By Natalie Finn Jun 01, 2011 4:00 AMTags
Sarah Palin, Donald TrumpAndrew Burton/Getty Images

Is Sarah Palin gunning for Donald Trump's piece of the GOP pie?

Well, the only pie they shared Tuesday was of the pizza variety, but Palin did make a point of requesting a meeting with the Celebrity Apprentice honcho, who surprised everybody (and yet nobody) by announcing earlier this month that he would not be seeking the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, despite lots of bluster about Barack Obama's birth certificate and other issues he has with the current commander in chief.

Palin, meanwhile, has made no such announcement yet, and is on the cross-country bus tour to prove it. But what did the upcoming documentary subject want from the Donald, besides stock tips?

Most likely she just wanted to chitchat about the crummy job they both think Obama is doing and high-five Trump over the birth certificate thing.

Of course, there's always the possibility that we're looking at Trump's new right-hand woman on Celebrity Apprentice once Ivanka heads off on maternity leave. Or, moving further down the likelihood spectrum, maybe there's a "Vote Palin-Trump in 2012" commercial in our future.

But really, by so effectively inserting himself into the national conversation, Trump is simply now a Republican worth courting.

"I think I'll go change his mind and make sure he's contributing to constitutional conservatives," Palin, on her way into Trump's gilded apartment building with daughter Piper, told one reporter when asked about his past contributions to Democratic candidates.

After a brief visit to his golden tower, Palin, Trump and his wife, Melania, made their way to Famous Famiglia, a pizzeria on 50th Street and Broadway, photographers in hot pursuit.

A Trump aide has said that Palin's camp requested the meeting, but no other details were forthcoming.