Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Dear Ted:
Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will ever get married? He never looks happy in pictures with her, unlike years ago with Jennifer Aniston. Does he just not love her as much as he did Jennifer? Or is he more private than before?

Dear Brangie Doubter:
You obviously have not seen these recent swoon-worthy pics of Brangelina totally working the red carpet in Cannes. A hand hold, an embrace, a nuzzle—if that doesn't shout happy and in love then what does? Years ago, Brangelina claimed they wouldn't get married until everyone was able to legally get married, but Pitt spoke out this week saying, "It's something we've got to look at." Apparently it means a lot to the couple's six children. As for Jen and Brad, who once vowed to eat pepperoni pizza and banana milkshakes together for eternity, well, that was before Brad saw Angie's milkshake. Brad is happier with Angie than with Jen. And vice versa, we assure you. So quit weepin', America

Dear Ted:
I read that Andrew Garfield is back on the market!  Any chance we'll see him and Robert Pattinson hitting the town like old times? Or has he already moved on to someone new?

Dear Wishful Thinking:
With Rob on location in Canada filming Cosmopolis and Andrew on serious Spider-Man duty, these two very pretty dudes are so busy with work, they barely have time to crack open their mini bars. And while Andrew is single and ready to mingle, Rob already has a lady that takes up all of his free time and airline miles. Sadly, looks like the only time we're going to see these bros hanging out is at work-related functions like award shows. Which usually means tuxedoes. Just how we like ‘em.

Dear Ted:
Bradley Cooper
and Olivia Wilde? Olivia Wilde and Renée Zellweger seemingly have nothing in common except Bradley. Of course, if she's rebounded with John Mayer, I guess it wouldn't sting as much that Olivia is drop-dead gorgeous.

Dear Naïve Nelly:
Olivia and Renée have more in common than you think. Both found Bradley after some romantic turmoil in their own lives (Renée is divorced too, remember?) and pivotal points in their careers. Wilde has six films in post-production and nuthin' says "see my movie!" more than some romantic paparazzi shots splattered over the pages of Us Weekly. And don't worry about Renée—while the John Mayer hookup reports are bogus, she is happily married to her treadmill. Sad but true.

Dear Ted:
Really? The Hunger Games is a much better book series than Twilight? Let me just say that I think it's a matter of preference. If you're into adventure and all that girl role model stuff, then THG is it for you. If you're into romance, then the Twilight books are really great. Don't go comparing the two now just because the Twilight mania is ending soon and you won't get hits from Twi-hards any more. And if you don't put this up, then I am right about you.

Dear Dare:
was a young-adult, fantasy fiction book franchise turned into a film franchise, was it not? Couldn't the same be said of The Hunger Games? Yes, each has something different to offer. And get a clue: Twilight is no where near ending. But maybe we also want to get excited about the next thing? And we aren't comparing fans, just franchises, so calm down.

Dear Ted:
I have to give January Jones big kudos for the way she's handling this pregnancy. I'm sure she was pressured to go the Sally Pearlsmyth route. I'm glad she followed her heart, and I also respect that she's respecting the father's wishes and keeping mum.

Dear Sun in January:
How do you know it wasn't January's wishes? And we're happy for Jones and all, but we just wish the ice queen would crack a smile already! It's a joyous occasion—or at least it should be! We hope January puts away her Betty Draper parenting handbook and warms up, once her wee one arrives.

Dear Ted:
You have to give a little more. Your potshots at Naya Rivera have me more intrigued than ever. Do you think her "behavior" will ever be blatantly exposed, or is she too good at covering her tracks? I know everyone say's she is going to take H'wood by storm, but I've always gotten a bad vibe from her. Please tell me higher ups in the Biz will be able to see through her. Lea Michele seems like a piece of work, but Naya strikes me as being worse.

Dear A-Naya-later:
This Glee gal is definitely more of a mean girl than an innocent schoolgirl. But with certain Glee castmembers set to graduate next year, Rivera better check herself before she wrecks herself! And you're last statement is entirely correct.

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