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Dear Joan:
I'm from New Zealand, so it's winter here, I'm also six and a half months up the duff. Nothing seems to fit me and I hate not looking good. Any advice for preggi winter fashion? Thanks.

Dear Preggers:

Up the duff? That's a new one and I love it. Mazel tov mommy-to-be! Cut yourself some slack and embrace the bump, you'll only be pregnant for a few more months. All you need is a couple of fashionable maternity items to get you through. Need inspiration? Check out some of the pregnant celebrities who are doing it right: Jessica Alba's going for a breezy, boho chic style, which gives her plenty of room to grow while Victoria Beckham (just like Rachel Zoe before she had the baby) is staying as slick as ever with trendy (but roomy) pieces. Good luck!

Dear Joan:
It is now acceptable to wear black shoes and purses in the summer? I see this all the time. Isn't summer for white shoes and purses? Or is this just an old fashioned rule that's not used any more?

Dear Rules Grrrl:
These days pretty much anything goes, which means you can wear black, white, bronze or any other color shoes you love during the summer. And as long as we're tossing out the rules, feel free to ignore the others, like this dated advice: "No white after Labor Day" or "Don't mix black with brown or navy." As long as people are well put together, that's what matters most.

Dear Joan:
I am 55 years old and just got a job in management. I have been a nurse all my life and have just worn scrubs and jeans. Now I must dress casual professional. I don't have a style. Everything I like is too young, cut too low, too short etc. I am medium build 5 fetet 2 inches, maybe 5 pounds overweight. Any advice will be very helpful. I watch your show all the time. You are so funny! And I love Kelly Osbourne.

Dear Boss Lady:
Congratulations on the new job! Too tight definitely doesn't belong at the office, unless you're working for Katy Perry or Rihanna. There are a lot of stores at your local mall, like Ann Taylor, New York & Company or Banana Republic, that sell business casual separates you can mix with trendier accessories so you still feel like you're having fun. As for giving the illusion that you're taller (and in control!) wear the same color from head to toe. Monochromatic dressing will make your body look longer and leaner. Good luck whipping everyone into shape! 

Dear Joan:
I am an overweight teenager who just adores your show. My problem is I live in a hot country, but it is so hard for me to look flattering. I guess what I am trying to say is what type of clothes should I be wearing and where can I find them? I have been trying to lose weight, but until that happens, I just want to look good! Teenage life is hard enough, without the addition of never having clothes that suit you.
—Teenager in Trouble

Dear Troubled Teen:
Being overweight does make shopping a little tougher but as long as you're looking for what flatters, instead of what's trendy, you should be able to pull some great outfits together. And don't forget to load up on plenty of accessories and shoes, they don't care what size you are. As for style inspiration, if you don't have something like the plus sizes available at Forever 21 nearby try searching online. There are lots of blogs and boutiques celebrating women of all sizes.

Dear Joan:
How can I get tickets to you show? When do you film?
— heidiamer

Dear Fashion Fan:
We get this a lot, so here you go: Email the office at and you'll be added to the weekly invite list, which will include all the information you need for attending tapings.

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