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This is one beef no one saw coming.

Last Friday, while making the international press rounds for their new projects (a memoir and a little record-breaking film called The Hangover Part II, respectively) Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper were among the guests on the U.K.'s ever popular Graham Norton Show.

As expected, the boys were all charm and prime time-appropriate banter—that is, until Sarah Jessica Parker's name happened to come up.

Then they were all charm and prime-time-appropriate banter and full of hilariously good-natured (uh, we think) ribbing of a fellow A-lister.

Here's the deal…

Lowe, on the show to promote Stories I Only Tell My Friends, was asked by the host whether the book, full of tales about his showbiz life, had offended any of his friends. When he replied in the negative, Norton began a seemingly innocent prompt.

"Didn't Sarah Jessica Parker have an issue?" he asked.

"Oh, well, other than her, but you know, she's a bitch," Lowe jokingly replied. "She was pissed, because I got her eye color wrong."

"No, come on," Cooper interjected.

"Yeah, she was just like, 'Look, I cannot believe that you don't remember that my eyes are blue.' I said they were brown, I guess."

Lowe said that he found out about SJP's objection through a "third party intermediary."

An intrigued Ed Helms, who was tag-teaming Hangover promotional duties with Cooper, asked why her eye color happened to make it into the book in the first place. But before Lowe could clarify, Helms' costar jumped in.

"Because they used to…" he trailed off, leading Lowe to challenge, "Used to what?"

"I don't know," Cooper laughed.

So what settled the matter?

"It does seem like if you're gonna mention her eye color, you should do the research," Helms said. Ed Helms, voice of reason. Who knew?

"I can be lazy that way," Lowe conceded.

Meanwhile, Parker wasn't out of the woods just yet, as she was again brought up, this time by Cooper, when the conversation rolled around to the awkwardness sometimes inherent in kissing scenes.

When fellow guest, Doctor Who star Alex Kingston, said that costars don't tend to discuss their on-screen PDA beforehand, Cooper jumped in.

"That's not true, because Sarah Jessica Parker, just to keep defaming her, she had someone—a third party—say to me, 'Don't put your tongue in her mouth,'" he said of his onetime SATC and Failure to Launch costar.

"She likes those third parties," Lowe said as Norton shook his head, laughing.

But once again it was Ed to Sarah Jessica's gallant—and hilarious—rescue, who joked, "And that was on a date."

If Sex and the City 3 ever gets off the ground, we're pretty sure we know who just landed himself a part. And who didn't.

In the meantime, this particular episode of The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC America next month. Set those DVRs now. Unless, of course, you're Sarah Jessica Parker. Then this episode you can skip.

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