Jennifer Aniston

Dear Ted:
So are you gonna give us the scoop about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, or do we have to keep bugging you? Please tell us something different than the usual "it is for the movie." I'm pretty sure Aniston would like to have a life outside alleged PR romances. Who would want to live their life in a fake relationship? I think she knows better than that. So, is it a yes or no? No maybes.

Dear Fake It Till You Make It:
Jen's never been the type to link up simply for PR—you think her people wanted her dating John Mayer? But despite how much the public pities "poor, lonely Jen," romance just isn't at the top of her to-do list (anymore). So if she finds herself stuck on the set with a hot, available costar...well, why not?

Dear Ted:
Do you think On the Road will be a good move in Kristen Stewart's career? I mean, it's a best-seller, but Kristen's role is all about sex, nudity and drugs, and she's just 21. What's your view?

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Dear Prude Jude:
Nothing she hasn't done before, sugar—haven't you seen The Runaways? Or Welcome to the Rileys, aka The Kristen Stewart Stripper Movie? She's not afraid to play naughty, and both of these flicks earned her critical kudos. So imagine what she'll be able to do with this lit material.

Dear Ted:
A friend of mine who knows Jackie Bouffant reckons he's moving to London because he can't deal with Hollywood any more. What do you know about this? (If it's true.)

Dear Ass-u-me:
I know your friend doesn't know Jackie very well 'cause they would know J isn't ditching T-town anytime soon. Sure, he prefers to keep his dirty deeds on the DL—more so now than ever—but he's not stupid. He knows attention will follow him no matter what continent he's on...and there's no better place to Vice than good-ol' Hollywood.

Dear Ted:
You were right about Leonardo DiCaprio not wanting to grow-up—at 36, he's now dating Blake Lively, a 23-year-old B-list actress. Sorry, but on some photos, he looks like a client who wants to hire a high-heeled, miniskirted hooker. I wonder how Bar must feel.

Dear Ob-Vicey-ous:
While I'm sure the tabloid attention surrounding this couple as they canoodle their way through Europe isn't as engrossing for Bar as it is for us goss lovers, she knew that Leo liked his gals young, hot and, really, it's not surprising, is it? Leo moves on fast, and Blake was waiting in the wings. Anyone could have seen this coming.

Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude.

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