Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, The Little Couple


Little Couple stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein have a lot on their plate. Sure, the new season of their TLC reality show kicks off tonight, but that's the least of their worries.

Not only are they trying to have a baby via a surrogate, but also they're finally moving into their new home in Houston (it's been under construction for a year and a half). And on top of that, Arnold's parents are relocating from Florida to Houston to live with the couple and start a pet supply business with Klein.

So how are Klein and Arnold coping? Read on to find out...

The surrogacy is still up in the air, but doctors have been able to retrieve two of Arnold's eggs for the procedure. "At this point, we're working with the surrogate to move that forward," Klein says. "If it works, we'll have one or maybe two babies."

If the surrogacy is unsuccessful, they're already considering adoption. "Adoption has always been a part of the plan," Arnold says. "We're exploring both."

As for the business side of things, Klein and his in-laws are currently looking for a retail space in the Houston area. "In terms of going into business and my parents moving in, as long as my mother and my husband get along, we'll be great," Arnold says with a laugh. "I think the reality is it is all going to work out. My mom just adores Bill and Bill loves her."

And the same goes for her dad. "My father-in-law and I are very much alike," Klein says. "The jokes are the same. The demeanor is the same. Even our favorite movies are the same."

Their love of reality television not so much. "That's the one thing my parents aren't excited about," Arnold says. "They're like, 'We are not going to be on the TV all the time.' They do it for us because they know it helps us out. They don't mind it, but they're not too excited about it."

Will they even have a choice? "They may become cast members," Klein cracks. "We're going to have to work on getting them contracts. We'll have to get them paid or something."

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