Amazing Racers Ready to Roll

CBS unveils 11 two-person teams to compete on 13th season of reality show Sept. 28

By Gina Serpe Aug 19, 2008 3:42 PMTags
Amazing Race, CastMonty Brinton / CBS

Two McLovin-loving frat brothers, a former NFL player and his estranged wife (awkward) and a pair of honey-making hippies are among the competitors set for a globe-trotting spin around the world on the upcoming 13th season of the Amazing Race.

CBS has announced the 11 two-person teams set to compete on the Emmy-magnet reality show when it kicks off Sept. 28.

Phil Keoghan is again back with the best job in the world, lording over the global go-round as the teams traverse more than 30,000 miles in 23 days, vying for the $1 million prize.

Among the hot spots the teams are set to touch down on: Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, India, a first-ever stop in Cambodia and, for the sake of cultural learnings making benefit the glorious competitors, Kazakhstan.

"We shot most of that episode in [its] capital," executive producer Bertram van Munster said. "People were a little afraid we were going to pull a Borat on them. I told them we weren't doing Borat, but what happened there is very, very funny."

Here's a look at the teams:

  • Terence Gerchberg, running coach, 35; Sarah Leshner, investment analyst, 31 (newly dating)
  • Marisa Axelrod, student, 22; Brooke Jackson, graphic designer, 24 (Southern belle best friends)
  • Andrew Lappitt, student, 22; Dan Honig, hotel manager trainee, 23 (fraternity brothers nicknamed "Team Superbad")
  • Aja Benton, aspiring actress, 25; Ty White, banker, 25 (dating long distance)
  • Mark Yturralde, Comic-Con treasurer, 41; Bill Hahler, student aid administrator, 42 (best friends)
  • Toni Imbimbo, accounting consultant, 51; Dallas Imbimbo, student, 22 (mother and son)
  • Nick Spangler, actor, 22; Starr Spangler, former NFL cheerleader, 21 (brother and sister)
  • Anita Jones, retired paralegal, 63; Arthur Jones, playground maintenance, 61 (married beekeepers)
  • Kelly Crabb, sales representative, 26; Christy Cook, business developer, 26 (divorcees)
  • Ken Greene, home builder and ex-NFL player, 51; Tina Greene, executive search firm president, 48 (separated)
  • Anthony Marotta, mortgage broker, 32; Stephanie Kacandes, financial saleswoman, 32 (dating)