Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger

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Has Jennifer Lopez ever told you to "get in your lane?" on American Idol? Christina Aguilera complimented your six pack on The Voice? Nicole Scherzinger, well, her catchprase or trademark judge move has yet to be determined considering she just got The X-Factor gig.

These sexy singers get paid to judge the rest of us poor peons for a living! So it's time to turn the tables:

You may recognize Nicole Scherzinger from her time with the Pussycat Dolls or for her more recent solo work in scantily-clad body-gyrating music videos, such as "Right There" (featuring 50 Cent).

After replacing Cheryl Cole on the upcoming season of X-Factor, this songstress has earned herself a seat next to Simon Cowell on the judge's panel.

But surely Scherzinger's glam squad can't compete with the fierce lewks Jennifer Lopez rocked every week as a judge on American Idol.

While Lopez handled the contestants with tons of TLC, it was actually the show that helped Lopez reinvigorate her own career and land her the numero uno spot on People's most beautiful list.

And after her recent arrest and tons of bad press before starting her gig on The Voice, Christina Aguilera has somehow showed us why we even liked her in the first place.

Plus, with Xtina ogling contestant bods, The Voice is a weekly reminder of our old Aguilera who just wanted to "get dirty."

These sexy songstresses are judging everyone else, now it's our turn!

Who would you ditch, do or marry?

Sexy Judges: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Ditch: Which judge would you kick to the curb?
Do: Which judge would you not be able to keep your hands off?
Marry: Which judge would you lovingly call your old ball and chain?
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