Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi

Courtesy of Chris Hall

Vienna Girardi—remember her? The Bachelor lady, who had it out with sleazy but sexy former fiancé Jake Pavelka on TV, was spotted having grabbing lunch (kinda) at the French Market Place in Los Angeles.

A fellow diner dished that Girardi appeared to be "shaky" and was "constantly looking around the restaurant as if ready to run." Can someone said paranoid?

So what's got this reality star so nervous?

Possibly rendezvousin' on TV with her former beau!

V.G. will be under the same roof as her former flame turned fiery enemy again when the two join the second season of The Bachelor Pad. But Vienna has a new man by her side these days:

Bachelorette castoff Kasey Kahl who, we're sure, will "guard and protect her heart"—ya know, the stupid catch phrase the cutie picked up while he was trying to woo Ali Fedotowsky. BTW, Kasey, have you gotten your creepy tattoo removed yet?

As expected, she and her unknown male companion were conversing about very "pressing topics," at least in the world of Vienna, like jewelry, cars and imported Australian gowns. All of which were seemingly in preparation for the Pad.

Girardi seems to be taking the preparation process a little too seriously, though, ingesting only four bites of her spinach salad before politely asking for a to-go box. Honey, you're skinny enough for the sure-to-be many hot-tub nights. It's OK to finish a damn salad.

Surprisingly, despite her lost appetite, Girardi was apparently very pleasant to the wait staff, even commenting that their blueberry muffins tasted "like dessert."

Another semi-star seen out and about in Hollywood was...

Edward Furlong, Arnold Schwarzenegger's child costar from the Terminator flicks, hit up East/West Lounge in WeHo to check out some comedians.

But the subject matter wasn't exactly his fave. 'Cause they were all Arnold jokes! Duh.

"He didn't really react to any of it," someone who did find the jokes tres amusing spilled. "He spent most of his time outside smoking. He only laughed at the sets without Arnold material."

And here's the worst! Most of the comics didn't even believe it was Furlong when he was pointed out, because they thought he was dead.

Seems like it was an all-around bad day for the Z-list.

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